My children and I joined North Stelton in September of 1992. I was coming back home as I was a member from 1979 to 1982. My family were Charter members and it felt good to be back home. I came in and immediately starting working with the youth (usher board), YPD and whatever else my own children were involved in. I have worked in many other capacities in the church to name a few, Office of Trustee and Office of Steward; which I take very seriously. I am also apart of our Liturgical Dance Ministry and I'm very passionate about it. I love the opportunity to Worship God through movement. It allows me to move out of self and worship God in Spirit and Trust. For me it's another level and worship. It's an opportunity for us to SHIFT the atmosphere! Psalm 150:4 states: "Praise him with the tambourine and dancing; praise him with strings and flutes."

- W. Finley Active Member

My first encounter with North Stelton was from an invite by a co-worker to attend a Christmas concert. Immediately I became a fan of the choir. After a year of attending I joined North Stelton AME Church in 2015. Coming from a Baptist background things were rather different for me in the manner in which the services were held. I can tell you that it was not easy at first but I soon learned my way around by becoming an active member and joining the choir as well as getting my children involved in dance. The make-up of North Stelton is diverse in culture, ethnicity, gender and age. These were all the qualities that I was looking for in a church home to not only cater to my needs but the needs of my children. North Stelton provides a strong foundation for me and my children to not only feel like members but family and one that I am truly happy to be a part of.

- D. Layton Active Member

I moved from Queens, NY to Piscataway, NJ and as you can imagine it was a very big change which I totally needed and was very ready for; but it also meant I would need a new church home as well. I grew up as an Episcopalian christian so African Methodist Episcopal was different for me. I was invited to North Stelton AME and we went on a day when the children was in charge of service and that was it. I found a church home that was alive in the Christian belief and breathing the words of the bible. NSAME was a church where my daughter and I was going to be able to participate in a host of ministries especially the music ministry which we both joined immediately. I LOVED the worship service; five years later we joined the church and almost 20 years later I am still here at NSAME. 


North Stelton is a God worshiping house where the living word of God lives everyday and on Sunday too; and with our new Pastors Eric R. Billips and Myra T. Billips I know we will continue to grow and reach new heights. I invite friends and family and I tell them "you may walk in as you are, but I believe you will leave NSAME walking a closer walk with the Lord God".   God Bless You

- C.  Aiken-Sanzone Active Member